Dowith Avocado Series

Dowith Avocado Series

For outdoor activity lovers:

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In various outdoor activities, the skin is constantly exposed to different stimuli, including sun and wind. UV rays can deeply penetrate into the skin and cause dryness. It also accelerates skin-aging, including wrinkles, by decreasing elasticity. Exercising in dry and windy weather can weaken the skin barrier.

Outdoor activity edition is a customized solution developed by DOWITH. Advanced-AVOCADO™ helps weakened skin to restore its healthy look through nourishing and moisturizing. Advanced-AVOCADO™ will help you to focus on your outdoor activity without worrying about your skin.

Avocado is rich in lutein and vitamin E that revitalizes skin weakened by UV rays. It is also rich in oleic acid and linoleic acid, which moisturize dry skin. Advanced-AVOCADO™ helps skin that has been weakened by regular outdoor activities. It helps skin to recover its natural strength by building a firm skin barrier and moisturizing.

Enhanced by the exclusive technology of Eco-active lab, Advanced-AVOCADO™ is an effective ingredient for skin exposed to outdoor activities.

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