Dowith Mangoesteen Series

Dowith Mangoesteen Series

For water activity lovers:

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During water activities, the skin is inevitably exposed to harmful elements, such as alkaline chlorine in swimming pools and salt in seawater. When exposed to such chemicals for a long time, the skin is likely to lose its natural moisture and oil, which imbalances its natural water-oil condition. Imbalanced skin produces excessive sebum or gets extremely dry.

DOWITH had been working to find a way you can fully engage in water activities without worrying about the skin condition. As a solution, we focused on restoring the healthy water-oil balance of the skin. Water activity edition is a customized solution that DOWITH has developed for years. Dual Effect-MANGOSTEEN™ helps restore healthy water-oil balance and revitalize weakened skin. With Dual Effect-MANGOSTEEN™ you are able to enjoy water activities without concerning about your skin condition. 

The main ingredient, mangosteen, is rich in catechin, antioxidant, xanthone, and vitamin B3 which is a great component for boosting moisture and oil absorption. By enhancing the effect of mangosteen, Dual Effect-MANGOSTEEN™ is an effective ingredient for restoring healthy water-oil balance.

Enhanced by the exclusive technology of Eco-active lab, Dual Effect-MANGOSTEEN™ an effective ingredient for restoring and maintaining skin's healthy water-oil balance.

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