Dowith Pink Vera Series

Dowith Pink Vera Series

For indoor activity lovers:


The active blood circulation allows people to sweat more and become dehydrated. As a result, people often experience dry skin. Increased body temperature and sweat can also cause rashes as they clog sebum glands and stimulate inflammation. Especially, constant friction with matt and equipment can also irritate the skin. Indoor activity causes dehydration and increases body temperature which leads to dry and sensitive skin. Such skin requires soothing and hydration.

DOWITH has come up with ingredients that help you to fully focus on your performance without skin concerns. The core ingredient of our product, Activating-PINK VERA™, will provide instant hydration and soothing effect.

Pink Vera is an aloe that turned in pink after being heated at a high temperature of over 80°C. Pink Vera holds more Aloe-emodin than green aloe, a component excellent for soothing the skin. It calms the irritated skin from indoor activities with sufficient moisture.

*DOWITH's PINK VERA is made of organic aloe raised in Gauze Island with eco-friendly fertilizer.

Enhanced by the exclusive technology of the Eco-active lab, Activating-PINK VERA™ is an effective ingredient for irritated skin after indoor activities.

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